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Over 7,000 patients trusted our Hygienists in the last 12 months!!


We offer High Quality and Affordable Dental Hygiene services

We are available 6 days a week from 7.30am to 7.30pm

We welcome regulars, irregulars and those with their own dentist elsewhere.

We are now offering LASER Gum Treatment Options.

We have a Specialist Periodontist, offering appointments weekdays and weekends

We offer affordable dental treatments for Gingivitis, Bleeding Gums, and Halitosis

We offer a range of dental treatments for Peri-implantitis,

We offer a complete range of dental treatments for periodontal disease and periodontitis

Our Hygienist Team


Nur is very experienced with more than 20 years of dental experience.

Nur offers the full range of Dental Hygienist services at the Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice.

We offer the full range of Dental Hygienist services 6 days a week at the Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice.

Our Dental Hygienist has a dedicated Therapy room and uses the very latest materials and equipment, including Lasers to ensure the best results.

Our Dental Hygienists welcome patients for treatment even if they have their own dentist.

Our Dental Hygienist is qualified to give Local Anaesthetics and assist with sedation.

Our Hygienist Charges

At Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice there is No Extra Charge to be seen Evenings and weekends.
Simple Scale and polish £45
Simple Scale and polish (Every 3 months) £35
Spring Clean From £45
Smokers Destaining from £55
Deep scaling From £55
Deep scaling with Local Anaesthetic From £65 per quadrant
Deep scaling with Local Anaesthetic and Antibiotic Gel From £100 per quadrant
Root Planing From £65 per quadrant
Root Planing with Local Anaesthetic From £95 per quadrant
Tooth Whitening Consultation Free
Fissure Sealants From £15 per tooth

Regular Hygienist Appointments

Over the last 30 years the Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice has built up a reputation for high quality and affordable Dental Hygienist Services.

We reward our regular patients who come every 3 months with a £35 charge (reduced from £45) for a Simple Scale and Polish.

For patients who smoke or have had active Periodontal Disease, they may be an extra charge but this is alaways explained in advance.

This means our regulars at the Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice can enjoy clean healthy mouths all year round.

Patients can now have their appointments from

7.30am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday
7.30am to 5.30pm on a Saturday

All our staff maintain their Continuous Professional Developement "CPD" by attending Post Graduate Courses.

Both Tina and Nur are involved in providing Post Graduate Training and lectures for other Dental Health Professionals

We send an email reminder for all hygienist appointments as well as a text message: All part of the Service!!

Advanced Hygienist Treatments at The Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice

We are seeing and treating an increasing number of patients with Serious Gum Disease.

One of the reasons why the Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice is so busy is because we recognise that patients do shop around, and we know that our fees are very competitive. The Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice offers an affordable alternative to Specialist Treatment

The Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice offers low cost maintenance plans after your treatment is complete. So for example, patients who have a simple scale and polish every 3 months pay just £30.00.

Almost all treatment for serious Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease) involves deep cleaning of the roots of the teeth.

This is a procedure that our Hygienists do several times everyday.

Click to Download our Leaflet about Hygienist Visits

Click to Download our Leaflet about Dentomycin Treatment

Click to Download our Leaflet about the relationship between Gum Disease and other diseases (Heart, Diabetes etc)

Cosmetic Treatments

Hygienist treatment should be mainly about health but we know that looking good is just as important.

So at Milton Keynes Dental Hygienist Practice we make an extra effort to make sure our patients are happy with the appearnce of their teeth. The Hygienists and Dentists work together to achieve the best results.

Sodium Bicarbonate Jet Washes

Your teeth will be cleaned gently with a specially developed device. A spray of air, sodium bicarbonate and a water jet meet to quickly and painlessly remove bacteria, plaque and soft deposits from interproximal spaces and smooth surfaces of the teeth.

The Jet wash Method removes stains but will not whiten your teeth in the same way as Tooth Bleaching.

Ingredients are dispensed at a comfortable temperature and have a nice taste.

The Jet wash method is much faster, more thorough than toothpastes and non-abrasive as we clean the teeth without any contact with their surface. It is very popular amongst smokers and those in the Public Eye!!

Sodium crystals at a high speed meet the surface to remove plaque.

A water jet washes off all cleaned deposits and corrects the temperature of the teeth.

So it is possible to remove all the plaque you would have to clean at home for several weeks.

Nur, our senior Hygienist provides Tooth whitening Treatments and offer a FREE CONSULTATION, for interested patients.

Patients can usually have their consultation and have their trays the same day.

Hygienist Only Appointments

Many of our patients just wish to see the hygienist, some of them work in MK and have their own dentist elsewhere, others simply don't want to see the dentist.

We welcome patients whose own dentists does not have a Dental Hygienist of their own and whose dentist refer their patients to us with a treatment plan.

Because the patient who just sees the hygienist does not come with a treatment plan it is difficult to know in advance the cost.

To make it easier where the patient needs more than a simple scale and polish we will let you know exactly what treatment needs to be done before the treatment begins.

The hygienist will then give you the cost for the first visit. The cost will be based on the amount of stain and severity of any existing Gum Disease.

The patient then has the choice of starting the treatment or perhaps just havening a simple cleaning to get them started and then come back for the remainder of the treatment.

All patients who just want to see the Hygienist will recieve a written treatment plan for their Hygiene Treatment.

But I have Sensitive Teeth?

This is very common, especially with the aging population.

Our Hygienists can offer various options for reducing sensitivity at your visit as well as in between visits as well.

We try to make your visit as easy as we can. We use the very latest Ultrasonic with the finest tips which have been specially designed to reduce sensitivity during treatment.

We can increase the temperature of the water.
We can offer a local Anaesthetic

We also offer a range of easy and EFFECTIVE ways to help with sensitivity so that eating and drinking are no longer a pain!!

Hygienist Appointment Times

We realise that many patients can't take time off work and prefer evening, weekends and early morning appointments.

We charge the same fees no matter what time you are seen.

Monday 7.30am to 7.30pm
Tuesday 7.30am to 7.30pm
Wednesday 7.30am to 7.30pm
Thursday 7.30am to 7.30pm
Friday 7.30am to 7.30pm
Saturday 7.30am to 5.30pm
Sunday 9.00am to 5.30pm

Fresh Breath Therapy

There are lots of reasons why patients have Bad Breath and most of the time it is due either ACTIVE gum disease and/or pool dental hygiene.

In our experience many patient think that they are effective teeth cleaners and unfortunately they are ignoring cleaning large areas of their teeth

Likewise in our experience many patient think that they have no gum disease when in fact their gum disease is ACTIVE.

In our experience most patients with Bad Breath can achieve good results at an affordable cost and with major treatment

Solving the problem for most patients with Bad Breath starts with a very careful examination of the mouth and finding out exactly how the patient maintains their Oral Hygiene

Treatment for most patients with Bad Breath usually involves a course of cleaning, which is many cases may be extensive.

Treatment will also involve advise on better oral hygiene, especially on cleaning inbetween the teeth, and those hard to reach places at the back of the mouth.


We see a large number of children. We offer exactly the quality of care that we would want our children to receive. We are a modern practice with a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition we offer flexible opening times, including Saturdays, as well as easy access to the specialist services.

We offer a Range of Dental Care for childen Including

Full Dental Examination and Dental Hygienist Visits

Diet and Oral Hygiene Advice

Fluoride Treatment and Fissure Sealants


Consultation with Specialist Orthodontist

Routene Dental Care

Choice of 7 Male and 7 Female Dentists and a Female Dental Hygienist